Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 17: Into the Woods - Tinko the Kobold, Gnoll Hunters, a Gorgon and its Dark Master


  • Into the Woods – Tinko the Kobold, Gnoll Hunters, a Gorgon and its Dark Master
Session 16: Rail to Nowhere, Modron Crates Resuce, and a Brass Dragon


  • Rail to Nowhere, Modron Crates Resuce, and a Brass Dragon
Session 15: Walks in the Dark, All Aboard the Lightning Rail, Joining House Tarkanan, and Dragonmarks: Interrupted


  • Walks in the Dark, All Aboard the Lightning Rail,  Joining House Tarkanan, and Dragonmarks: Interrupted
Session 14: Research, Holsters, Alchemy, Sovelo's Secrets, Nillic's Disappearance & Seeking Thora


  • Research, Holsters, Alchemy, Sovelo's Secrets, Nillic's Disappearance & Seeking Thora
Session 13: Sand Golems, Oreon's Folly, The Voyage Home, The Evershifting Estate & Some Downtime

DM Note(s) to Players:

  • You've reached level 7, grats!  Charsheets updates posted by Wed. please.
  • Bouche & Carol: select a downtime activity (~1 month) that you spent time on after your return home from Xendrik.  The other players provided me this char info at the end of last session.
  • All Players: I will briefly provide your character's downtime activity results at session start on Friday.  See you then!



  • Sand Golems, Oreon's Folly, The Voyage Home, The Evershifting Estate & Some Downtime
Session 12: Lost in the Desert, Swallowed by Sandworms, Kamun-Rah's Gift & Set Sail for Khorvaire


  • Lost in the Desert, Swallowed by Sandworms, Kamun-Rah's Gift & Set Sail for Khorvaire


Session 11: Akra's Vision, Riddled with Vermin, Spiders in the Dark, Tomb Raiders & Great Escapes


Akra's Vision, Riddled with Vermin, Spiders in the Dark, Tomb Raiders & Great Escapes

Interlude/Next Session Intro:

Cyradyn Pyramid collapses behind you in a massive, choking sand and dust storm. 

"Anyone looking for a guide?"

Your guide brings you several hundred paces away from where the pyramid use to stand, where another group of folks dressed and geared similarly to you are mending their wounds and cooking up some rather unsavory desert delights over a fire. 

"If you're headed back to Stormreach, clean up and eat up.  We leave in one hour.  Tlincalli scouts, sandworm trains and a sand giant wanderer's out there."  The blonde-haired woman looks out past the sand dunes to the horizon as she speaks to you.  She wears a broad, round hat, freckles and an easy smile – and a host of curved daggers amidst her dig tools that hang from her belt. 

"Glad we were excavating a different pyramid!" she jokes, passing some roasted, oiled scorpion meat and a few cantines of water.  "Hannah," she introduces herself.  "Nice toys!" she remarks, her and her companions' wide eyes washing like greedy waves over your plundered pyramid treasures.

Camp breaks.  By the time you're following the guide and traveling back with Hannah, you run out of time studying and experimenting with all the magical treasures from the tomb. 

Just then, a sudden wind picks up, blowing blinding sand up around you.  Amidst the camp's cries and curses of surprise and irritation, you swear you hear whispers from the cloud of sand and dust behind you that was once a pyramid – unintelligible, haunting whispers that identify all of the tomb's magical treasures in moments.  Flashes of their forging, history and magic power rush instantly into your minds.


Cyradyn Pyramid: Tomb Room Treasure

Coins: 18,000 cp, 12,000 sp, 6,000 gp, 600 pp

Gems: 36 gems @ 100 gpv, 6 gems @ 500 gpv

Jewelry & Art Objects: 6 silver necklaces @ 100 gpv, 6 golden hairpins @ 100 gpv, 6 elaborate quills @ 50 gpv,

Mundane Items: 12 daggers, 6 shortswords, 18 sacks, 6 empty scroll/map cases, 6 empty vials, 6 pints of lantern oil, 12 torches, 6 bags of caltrops, 6 silk ropes, 8 blankets (pyramid, sand dune and coin motifs)

Magic Items:

6 Potions of Healing

6 Potions of Climbing

Gem of Brightness (amber)

Restorative Ointment

Figurine of Wondrous Power: Electrum Raven (as silver raven)

Bag of Holding (pyramid-shaped)

Eyes of Charming (scarab and intertwined bandage motifs)

Dust of Sneezing and Choking

Pipes of Haunting (made of tlincalli a.k.a. scorpion-folk chitin)

Circlet of Blasting (pyramid, dawn and sand dune motifs)

Weapons, Magical +1: dagger, shortsword, rapier, scimitar, longsword, greatsword (all dwarven-forged)

Javelin of Lightning

Gauntlets of the Sand Giant (as gauntlets of ogre power)

Sandals of Silence (as boots of elvenkind, black studded leather with crossed blades design on soles)

Sandstorm Cloak (as cloak of protection, tattered cloak with bandage patches, conjures tiny whirlwinds of sand when deflecting attacks)    

Staff of Swarming Insects (constructed from cactus, carried by Elgeon)       


Session 10: Tentacles, Cargo, a Kraken, Stormreach, Sandworms and Two Gold Coins


  • The party fought off tentacled illusions below decks and recovered the mysterious Lyrandar cargo successfully
  • Elgeon hired several skilled guards back in Sharn to protect it until Sovelo's mother claims the necromancy-magic infused and disease-ridden dozen barrel
  • On the way to Xendrik, the party deals with a few pirates and raiders but handle the situations through some combination of glib tongues, sharp weapons, mighty spells or simply quicker sails
  • Also on the long sea voyage to Xendrik, the party witnessed a distant maelstrom/whirpool and a massive kraken on the horizon; Captain Dawan told you he heard tell of this such whirpool appearing in the spring, and that there are whispers it leads to another place
  • Forty days and 1,500 miles later the party arrived in the port of Stormreach, Xendrik
  • The Morgrave University professors, Quenton and Roselyn, made final arrangements for the trek to Cyradyn Pyramid, including securing camel mounts for everyone and hiring a guide
  • Mazikeen procured forged identification papers from a tall, lithe tiefling dealer with gazelle-style horns
  • The party bumped into Oreon the warforged, trying out new hats in the open bazarre
  • Oreon told the party he had fought off 28 weresharks near Sharn's docks before needing to withdraw, had later escaped being captured by pirates on the way to Xendrik, had soon after killed all of them to escpe, and had just now in Stormreach arranged an expedition to a volcanic area of Xendrik in search of something he is to recover from fire giants
  • Mazikeen attempted to deceive Oreon into joining the party to the pyramids, but the warforged saw right through her fumbling words and facial tells; Oreon warned the party the would surely all die at the pyramids, but wished them luck nevertheless
  • On the way to the pyramids, the party's guide pointed out a train of giant sandworms on the horizon, leaping and bursting up and through and back into the sands; the guide explained the sandworms are known to wait patiently and hide underneath the sands for prey to come along – sometimes for days – before bursting out of the sands and devouring their prey whole
  • One hundred paces from Cyradyn Pyramid, your guide's work is done; he leaves.  Quenton informed you a new guide back to Stormreach will be here in seven days
  • Quenton and Rosely reveal a map and explain the basic layout of the pyramid, including  that their research focus is the scrolls and tomes in the lower leves: the tombs; the professors warn you that you can expect to face undead along the way, and certainly below the base of the pyramid in the tombs
  • Just inside Cyradin Pyramid, Sovelo begins to protest staying there any longer than the few seconds you have already, surely expecting to die any moment as Oreon warned the party several days ago in Stormreach
  • Akra collapses, losing consciousness for a few moments; she explains she had a vision of where you must take the golden coins from your noble estate's infested dinner table, that the coins are some sort of key to finally rid your new home of its long family curse of undead who haunt the place

"In the tombs below, it's… clearer now.  I saw a dozen or more sarcophagi, mummies… one of them towering over the others… headless…

…and other things… blurs… I'm not sure… lurking and breathing in the shadows…

…and black-shelled insects with great, wicked serrated pincers… swarms… everywhere… watching over the sarcophagi… sharpening their pincers… waiting… for us!"  — Akra

Session 9: Sharks and Sailing Ship Beams
1 Therendor 998 YK


  • The party made final preparation for their expedition to Xendrik – to save Brea (the noble estate's most senior servant) from her petrified fate, and lift an ancient family curse that should rid the estate of the ancient mummies and other "things" that haunt it
  • Morgrave University officials accompanied academics Quenton and Roselyn to the docks where they met up with Sovelo, Akra, Caoimhe (KEE-VAH), Elgeon, Amenadiel and Mazikeen
  • The Morgrave officials ensured the expedition's identification papers, travel papers, sponsorship/contract and expectations for protection for Quenton, Roselyn and their research goals for the university were all in order
  • Thanks to Sovelo's connections as both a sailor and House Lyrandar noble, you're able to secure a Lyrander soarwood sailing ship for the voyage, including a professional House Lyrander guild crew led by half-elf Captain Dawan
  • The party departed for its 1,500 mile, ~37 day ship voyage south to Xendrik and Cyradyn Pyramid
  • A few miles out, Captain Dawan discussed a matter of guild business they were instructed to take care of with the aid of their new "armaments" (the party): recover the mysterious Lyrandar cargo surrounded by sharks and weresharks few more miles ahead – the same stranded ship Orien the warforged had told the party about about a week ago
  • The party's ship closed hard on the fast-moving vessel with the Lyranar cargo; a dozen hammerhead wereshark warriors in their hybrid humanoid form emerged from below decks to match the numbers of their crew
  • As they approached dangerously close, only Elgeon spotted small squads of fast-moving sharks circling around to the other side of the party's ship
  • The ships crashed into eachother as the party launched their assault and began boarding.  Mighty spells a, arrows and bolts flew and deadly steel rang.  Crew on both sides lost their footing and were thrown overboard in the chaos
  • Elgeon thought fast and shapechanged into a giant octopus, using the long reach of his mighty tentacles to save his sister Caiomhe and Amenadiel from a watery grave on the high seas
  • The wereshark warriors continued their volleys of crossbow bolts and tried to split open some of the companions like fish with their rusty scimitars.  Though as losses mounted, Amenadiel took the opportunity to convince most of the remaining weresharks to give up their assault – all but a handful of loyal wereshark warriors jumped overboard
  • With just one wereshark survivor remaining, Sovelo seemed to convince him to flee as well – but as the wereshark, now in his true form as a big-eyed human, reluctantly turned to flee, a single, angry syllable erupted from below decks.  The last wereshark's head exploded, his lifeless body toppling over the side
  • Akra burst through one of two barred doors below deck.  In the shadows of some flickering lamplight, she saw barrels, ropes and hammocks.  It is what she heard that was disturbing: a low, rumbling, long, wicked laugh.  Moments later, the same long, unsettling, cocky laugh echoed like a thunder storm across the entire ship for all to hear

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