Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 9: Sharks and Sailing Ship Beams

1 Therendor 998 YK


  • The party made final preparation for their expedition to Xendrik – to save Brea (the noble estate's most senior servant) from her petrified fate, and lift an ancient family curse that should rid the estate of the ancient mummies and other "things" that haunt it
  • Morgrave University officials accompanied academics Quenton and Roselyn to the docks where they met up with Sovelo, Akra, Caoimhe (KEE-VAH), Elgeon, Amenadiel and Mazikeen
  • The Morgrave officials ensured the expedition's identification papers, travel papers, sponsorship/contract and expectations for protection for Quenton, Roselyn and their research goals for the university were all in order
  • Thanks to Sovelo's connections as both a sailor and House Lyrandar noble, you're able to secure a Lyrander soarwood sailing ship for the voyage, including a professional House Lyrander guild crew led by half-elf Captain Dawan
  • The party departed for its 1,500 mile, ~37 day ship voyage south to Xendrik and Cyradyn Pyramid
  • A few miles out, Captain Dawan discussed a matter of guild business they were instructed to take care of with the aid of their new "armaments" (the party): recover the mysterious Lyrandar cargo surrounded by sharks and weresharks few more miles ahead – the same stranded ship Orien the warforged had told the party about about a week ago
  • The party's ship closed hard on the fast-moving vessel with the Lyranar cargo; a dozen hammerhead wereshark warriors in their hybrid humanoid form emerged from below decks to match the numbers of their crew
  • As they approached dangerously close, only Elgeon spotted small squads of fast-moving sharks circling around to the other side of the party's ship
  • The ships crashed into eachother as the party launched their assault and began boarding.  Mighty spells a, arrows and bolts flew and deadly steel rang.  Crew on both sides lost their footing and were thrown overboard in the chaos
  • Elgeon thought fast and shapechanged into a giant octopus, using the long reach of his mighty tentacles to save his sister Caiomhe and Amenadiel from a watery grave on the high seas
  • The wereshark warriors continued their volleys of crossbow bolts and tried to split open some of the companions like fish with their rusty scimitars.  Though as losses mounted, Amenadiel took the opportunity to convince most of the remaining weresharks to give up their assault – all but a handful of loyal wereshark warriors jumped overboard
  • With just one wereshark survivor remaining, Sovelo seemed to convince him to flee as well – but as the wereshark, now in his true form as a big-eyed human, reluctantly turned to flee, a single, angry syllable erupted from below decks.  The last wereshark's head exploded, his lifeless body toppling over the side
  • Akra burst through one of two barred doors below deck.  In the shadows of some flickering lamplight, she saw barrels, ropes and hammocks.  It is what she heard that was disturbing: a low, rumbling, long, wicked laugh.  Moments later, the same long, unsettling, cocky laugh echoed like a thunder storm across the entire ship for all to hear



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