Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 8: Remove Curse, Gain Noble Estate

21 Olarune 998 YK - 1 Therendor 998 YK

DM Notes to Players:

  • You have gained enough XP for 5th level!  Character updates due Wednesdays as usual.  If you missed this week, roll for HP at the start of our next session. 
  • Morgrave University has offered to pay for up to 100 gp worth of equipment for each of you (story details below).  See the PHB Equipment chapter, Adventuring Gear table; update your character sheets.


  • The companions explored the remaining rooms and areas of the noble estate, including servant and sleeping quarters, a gourmet kitchen, a work/play room, a sun/garden room and a hidden, massive 12-stall stables complete with horses.
  • The party met a fey creature, a plant-like humanoid creature named Brea, who served the family.  Brea cooked a fresh meal for the party, shared Daric's ledger with them, introduced them to the minotaur stablemaster, and watched over them while they rested following their battle with the mummies.
  • The party dueled with the minotaur stablemaster, eventually besting him through "cheating."
  • The party learned more of the undead-summoning curse afflicting Daric's noble family, speaking with the spirit of Daric's great grandfother, and learning the two coins Akra found at the dinner table were the key to removing the family curse
  • Four new, more powerful – and more cultured and intelligent – mummies appeared in the lounge and strike a deal with the party to not hurt Brea further (secretly turned to petrified wood during the deal) while freeing the mummies from the estate
  • Sovelo and the others helped secure voyage to Xendrik, where a particular pyramid seems to be home of the curse, coins and the mummies
  • The party managed to have Morgrave University sponsor the expedition and a Lyrandar guild crew to man the ship; the party is expected to protect a pair of academics who are going to the same pyramid the party seeks.  The professors seek ancient spell scrolls and books for the University.
  • A week or so later, the arrangements are finally completed for the Xendrik expedition.  Roselyn, the junior professor, shared artwork of a set of magical dwarven-forged blades that are said to have been wielded and lost by adventurers in the pyramids, thinking the party might find such a discovery as exciting as the work she and her professor are going there to perform.




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