Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 7: House Hunters & The Mummies Return

21 Olarune 998 YK


  • Sovelo, Akra, Caoimhe, Elgeon, Amenadiel and Mazikeen continued to search and clear out lordling Daric's old estate
  • The party found a hidden, valuable pair of dwarven hand kegs and a secret one-way door to the wine cellar
  • The companions discovered several curiosities on the way to and on the second floor: an invisible spiral staircase, a couple of trap doors, four granite animal statues with switches that revealed a secret art gallery room, a rose-colored magical healing fountain, and a lounge room
  • The party found a stack of completely empty books and scrolls on the spacious lounge room's coffee table, including one that "wrote back" in opposites with Caoihme
  • Mummies, disturbed by the party's intrusion, attacked from the master bedroom and from the doors and curtains adjacent the lounge; the terrifying mummies spouted harsh curses and obscenities in Elvish throughout the fight
  • Spells, steel, arrows and terrible mummy curses, dreadful gazes and rotten fists flew, including Sovelo's eldritch spells, Elgeon's mighty nature magic, Amenadiel's arrows, Mazikeen's blades, Caiomhe's surprisingly clumsy hammer swings, and finally, Akra's powerful dragonfire breath and enspelled longsword strikes which smited the mummies with incredible holy power
  • The last of the four mummies was torn limb from limb by vines, twigs and brambles that exploded magically out from the Eldeen Reaches nature paintings on the walls
  • One of several blank books on the lounge coffee table flipped open, revealing a new message



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