Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 6: Interviews, Borrowed Homes, New Homes & Borrowed Faces

20-21 Olarune 998 YK


  • Gendo finished his interview questions about aberrant Dragonmarks and the Mourning Haunt attack
  • Sovelo discovered a dark, bitter alcohol in the liquor cabinet.  Its simple label – in the rare language of Primordial – reads "Pulp of the Deepest Earth"
  • Elgeon took some plants from inside and re-planted them outside, discovering a secret druidic message inviting him to the Eldeen Reaches
  • Everyone ate a fine mutton and smashed potato dinner made by Elgeon at Gendo's "borrowed" summer home
  • Elgeon and Akra cured the Mourning Haunt gray smoke and Aric Blacktree black smoke diseases; the wisps of smoke fired out of everyone's nostrils and flew out into the Sharn sky
  • Oreon – always looking for jobs – told Sovelo about trouble a few miles out on the water with a Lyrandar "fishing boat" which was actually a ship transporting some sort of illegal supplies; a swarm of angry sharks attacked it and still strangely circle the boat protectively; the Watch is stretched with the Mourning Haunt attacks and can't spare to send any Watch guards or official Sharn inquisitives to investigate
  • Oreon left on a job while Gendo stayed at the summer home, saying he might stay in Sharn a few weeks more and catch up on the local events and gossip
  • The companions returned to Bren's estate to find Bren distraught, alone, sitting at the dinner table, tapping his metallic fingers; they give him the news that Aric tried to kill them
  • Bren informed the companions he just met with Aric, who told him everything – including that Aric blames the companions for his aberrant dragonmark, including being hunted by the two houses with the true Shadow dragonmark; Aric even took on the false identity of Professor Cera to hide from those houses
  • Bren informed the party Aric has fled Sharn
  • Bren informed the party that he too is leaving Sharn to be with his future wife and future father in law – and also avoid some serious legal problems, as his estate has been confiscated by the Watch for a long list of criminal activities he would not elaborate on
  • Bren revealed he too bears an aberrant dragonmark (since exiting Saerun Tower four years ago), different from yours, on his entire chest and stomach, and suspects the Mourning Haunts are after him for some reason because of it
  • Bren revealed he would have the protection of the new pseudo-dragonmarked House Tarkanan (beholder heraldry), which recruits and protects those with aberrant marks – but also known to be a house involved in many grim criminal activities
  • Bren acknowledges that part of those criminal activities includes how he keeps company with the Emerald Claw, specifically Kern and Mallora – and that they are "different"
  • Bren told the party he will at least be back exactly 1 year from now
  • The companions purchased equipment and supplies on their way to drunk lordling Daric's overgrown estate; they cut away some overgrowth and crashed through the stuck front doors (tree and double-wine bottle symbol) to begin clearing it out to make it their home
  • The companions saw through a few illusions, moved past the rotten food-filled dining room, find a secret trap door below, and were told to "Go away!" several times by a talking magical bearded, bald, translucent-white dwarf head on a door
  • The companions found several wererats in the wine cellar feasting on a body whose face looks like Daric's
  • The wererats hissed several threats in Common in their hybrid forms and fired several volleys of hand crossbow bolts, but struggled to be on target against Elgeon's gust of wind spell
  • The wererat pack surrendered after their leader is killed; they told the party what they know about the home (including the spell blast sounds on the second foor) and the body they were feasting on, and then the companions let the survivors go
  • The companions inspected the body and notice that Daric's face was actually grafted onto the face of a changeling corpse
  • The talking dwarf-face spell on the dining room door above yelled out, "You may now come upstairs!"




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