Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 5: Mad Machines, Skycoach Fights & Interviews

20 Olarune 998 YK


  • Morgrave Basement Lab Battle: Dolghaunt Slain, Thugs Bribed
  • Eldritch Machines Disabled
  • Aric's Research Journals Read
  • Morgrave University Officials and Sharn Watch Notified by Mazikeen and Amenadiel of Suspicious Lab Activities
  • Skycoach Battle: Aric, "Meatbags" the giant deathdog, and Goblin archers all on soarsleds; Aric and a few goblins escape
  • Interview with the gnome Jendo of the Korranberg Chronicle

    • "So tough questions first!  Tell me: why do three of you bear the new Shadow dragonmark?"




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