Eberron (D&D 5e)

Session 11: Akra's Vision, Riddled with Vermin, Spiders in the Dark, Tomb Raiders & Great Escapes


Akra's Vision, Riddled with Vermin, Spiders in the Dark, Tomb Raiders & Great Escapes

Interlude/Next Session Intro:

Cyradyn Pyramid collapses behind you in a massive, choking sand and dust storm. 

"Anyone looking for a guide?"

Your guide brings you several hundred paces away from where the pyramid use to stand, where another group of folks dressed and geared similarly to you are mending their wounds and cooking up some rather unsavory desert delights over a fire. 

"If you're headed back to Stormreach, clean up and eat up.  We leave in one hour.  Tlincalli scouts, sandworm trains and a sand giant wanderer's out there."  The blonde-haired woman looks out past the sand dunes to the horizon as she speaks to you.  She wears a broad, round hat, freckles and an easy smile – and a host of curved daggers amidst her dig tools that hang from her belt. 

"Glad we were excavating a different pyramid!" she jokes, passing some roasted, oiled scorpion meat and a few cantines of water.  "Hannah," she introduces herself.  "Nice toys!" she remarks, her and her companions' wide eyes washing like greedy waves over your plundered pyramid treasures.

Camp breaks.  By the time you're following the guide and traveling back with Hannah, you run out of time studying and experimenting with all the magical treasures from the tomb. 

Just then, a sudden wind picks up, blowing blinding sand up around you.  Amidst the camp's cries and curses of surprise and irritation, you swear you hear whispers from the cloud of sand and dust behind you that was once a pyramid – unintelligible, haunting whispers that identify all of the tomb's magical treasures in moments.  Flashes of their forging, history and magic power rush instantly into your minds.


Cyradyn Pyramid: Tomb Room Treasure

Coins: 18,000 cp, 12,000 sp, 6,000 gp, 600 pp

Gems: 36 gems @ 100 gpv, 6 gems @ 500 gpv

Jewelry & Art Objects: 6 silver necklaces @ 100 gpv, 6 golden hairpins @ 100 gpv, 6 elaborate quills @ 50 gpv,

Mundane Items: 12 daggers, 6 shortswords, 18 sacks, 6 empty scroll/map cases, 6 empty vials, 6 pints of lantern oil, 12 torches, 6 bags of caltrops, 6 silk ropes, 8 blankets (pyramid, sand dune and coin motifs)

Magic Items:

6 Potions of Healing

6 Potions of Climbing

Gem of Brightness (amber)

Restorative Ointment

Figurine of Wondrous Power: Electrum Raven (as silver raven)

Bag of Holding (pyramid-shaped)

Eyes of Charming (scarab and intertwined bandage motifs)

Dust of Sneezing and Choking

Pipes of Haunting (made of tlincalli a.k.a. scorpion-folk chitin)

Circlet of Blasting (pyramid, dawn and sand dune motifs)

Weapons, Magical +1: dagger, shortsword, rapier, scimitar, longsword, greatsword (all dwarven-forged)

Javelin of Lightning

Gauntlets of the Sand Giant (as gauntlets of ogre power)

Sandals of Silence (as boots of elvenkind, black studded leather with crossed blades design on soles)

Sandstorm Cloak (as cloak of protection, tattered cloak with bandage patches, conjures tiny whirlwinds of sand when deflecting attacks)    

Staff of Swarming Insects (constructed from cactus, carried by Elgeon)       




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